The Process of Lie Detection

Have you ever heard about lie detectors? What is the first thing that comes to your mind? People often ask numerous questions about these daily.  How do these lie detectors detect your lies? Can they actually respond to your lies? How do these lies get caught by the detectors? The list goes on and on.

Lie Detection test – Does it really Work

Lie detectors seem to be a thing that holds a lot of interest of the people. So today we will talk about these detectors and the process of detection. Lie detector test in UK is basically carried out in areas involving psychology, criminology, sociology, anthropology, neurobiology etc etc.  Unlike the things that we see on the daily soaps in televisions, the actual process is completely different from what happens in the real life scenario. Majority of these tests are carried out at night or in extreme low light conditions.

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To recognize any sort of deception in any area we need some approach that can be applied readily.  Lie detection requires a simple technique that can be used efficiently for the same.

Suppose if a child goes on to steal something parents can easily get to know, by the way he reacts on being asked a series of questions. The lie detection test also works in a similar way. You are asked a number of questions that may be related to the subject. These questions might create a sense of fear in your mind and you would neurologically react in a type of way. This neurological response is detected by the machine which then can differentiate if you are lying or speaking the truth. Whenever you are lying or hiding things, you tend to react in a very different manner.  You feel nervous and scared, may blabber, be hesitant and do things which normally you don’t. Even if you are not scared at first, when the person interrogates you, the fear automatically creeps in and you tend to get very scared and anxious. The moment you are lying, the sense of sound, the reaction in your body is a complete different story. The response can be easily detected. The machines come in special features that allow it to detect the responses and it is this very response that brings out the real truth. 

It does work!

It is a natural human tendency that we tend to be anxious when we lie until and unless you are a bare faced liar and have been practicing it a lot. The criminals and people, who are guilty of something, cannot respond normally even after thousand practices. So, lie detectors are quite helpful in getting the criminals out and the lie detector tests in UK are well known.